I have had the priveledge of being a UX Research intern at Nokia since June of 2015. The research methodology at Nokia design includes 3 types of studies:


Studies that fall under Inspire tend to be higher level. The goal is to dig into core needs and behaviors to identify themes, inform strategy, and develop a research roadmap. This supports teams in staying ahead of trends.


Guiding studies inform or support the team within a specific design exercise, problem, or context. Research often falls within existing themes identified in Inspire, but may uncover new ground.


Studies that Evaluate gather feedback on specific concepts or designs. They test and validate design assumptions to help iterate and evolve work quickly. Evaluative studies are facilitated by a researcher or design/product team.

Research Methodologies



Long form interviews let us deep dive into a topic, behavior, or a users needs. This requires coordinating participants, writing screeners and discussion guides, taking notes and video recordings, then synthesizing data. 

Mobile Ethnography 

Using Dscout we conduct mobile ethnographies that usually last 2-4 weeks. We create extensive catalogs of user behavior, items in their homes, or emotions around using a product. 

Competative Benchmark

Extensive product and landscape benchmarking to help the team wrap their heads around a complex space, or understand the current offerings.  

Quantatative Survey

Surveys are used when we need big numbers for broader opportunities, or determining if a features or product is worth our while. 

Video Insights

We create short videos of our long form interviews to encapsulate our insights. These videos are short and help summarize our reserach in a quick and accessible way to drive new opportunities home. 


Conducting shadowing of people using our products, or competitor products help us see the full picture. We will shadow for anywhere from a few hours, to a few days. Seeing use in real time makes it impossible to miss the kinks in our offering.   

Lit Review

When we start looking into an academic topic literature reviews are invaluable to understand the breadth of knowledge that is already out there. 




Personas help the design team prioritize designs based on real users needs and behaviors. Personas will stay with the team for the entire lifespan of a project. 

Design Workshops 

Design workshops are great to get team invovement and have them own their insights. They are designed to have everyone involved in sense making and identifying opportunities. 

User Journeys 

User journys, or journey maps are helpful for the designers to determine opportunity spaces for improvement, or what is already working well. 

Research Reports

The most common deliverable of a study is a research report consisting of any of the following deliverables plus an in depth look into our methodologies and findings.