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Because spilling the beans after a date feels good!

Spill the Beans was a research project looking into the world of online dating – specifically the app Coffee Meets Bagel. We wanted to hear thoughts on online dating, what was successful and unsuccessful across platforms, and what Coffee Meets Bagel users thought of the service in order to enhance their experience.

Our primary insight was that online dating is fun and easy, but after the initial connection is made online services do nothing to help you follow up which leads to drop off. This insight resulted in our concept: Spill the Beans, an add on to Coffee Meets Bagel that allows users to dish on how their date went, rate it, and if all goes well set up a second date.

Archetypes were created through analyzing the interviews we conducted for patterns in common use cases. Each archetype symbolizes an approach to online dating and associated behaviors. These were paramount in helping us create opportunities to design around.

“For me the Coffee Meets Bagel app doesn't give me a reason to return after a date, unless I'm looking for someone new.”

We found our greatest opportunity came with the post date experience, or lack there of. We wanted to use this information to create an experience for daters post meeting their match.

Solution Prototype

After identifying a strong opportunity, we prototyped it quickly by creating narrative video that explains the value proposition of our idea. The idea of the video as a deliverable is that designing screens and prototypes can take time, by telling the story and getting stakeholders onboard Spill the Beans has a higher chance of succeeding in a business environment.